Kingston’s First USB 3.0 Drive: The DataTraveler Ultimate

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Kingston's First USB 3.0 Drive

Early USB 3.0 adopters can rejoice in the release of a first for one flash memory leader: the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0.

The flash drive also offers backward compatibility for those not up to 3.0 speed by supplying a USB 2.0 Y-cable to your purchase for those ports that need the additional support.

Its super speed specs reach 80 megabytes per second in read mode and 60 megabytes in write mode. So, how does that speed translate to a real world setting? According to Kingston’s product and development testing, a movie that’s 1 hour 44 minutes long (3.9 GB) was written to the DataTraveler in 1 minute 13 seconds. A DVD holding 2 hours and 23 minutes transfers to the flash drive in 1 minute 23 seconds. Talk about fast!

There’s a Kingston USB 3.0 flash drive out there made for whatever budget you’re working with or storage needs you have. The MSRP for the 16 GB is $89, $138 for the 32 GB and $270 GB for the 64 GB. However at, they’re approximately $65, $100 and $200 respectively. Believe it or not, as of today, their 16 gig from Newegg is already out of stock!

Kingston backs this USB flash drive pioneer with a five year warranty. Windows7, Windows XP and Windows Vista are its supported operating systems.

Are you planning to purchase a 3.0 DataTraveler? Talk to us below!

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