USB Bracelet Technology Could Save Lives

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USB Drive Medical Bracelet

The countless uses and applications of flash media never cease to amaze, and now you can add saving lives to its technological bucket list with USB drive medical bracelets.

No longer do you have to try to engrave every single allergy or medication onto the limited surface area of a standard silver medical bracelet. These custom shaped USB drives look like jewelry but go beyond the average USB accessory by working like a unique health tool.

According to a USA Today article, a recent trend in flash drive medical bracelets are giving EMTs, nurses and doctors immediate access to the kind of health information that could make a huge difference in diagnosis and treatment.

Jewelry like the CARE Medical History Bracelet is designed in a way that it can fit around your wrist with the actual drive plug inserted into the USB cap serving as the link which holds it in place.

They are brightly colored with the universal medical logo large enough to signal the bracelet’s purpose to ER personnel. Moreover, first responders are trained to look for medical bracelets and other forms of identification on you.

The bracelet’s flash drive is preloaded with easy to use software that details medical history, conditions, prescriptions, allergies as well as information for emergency contacts, primary physicians and insurance. The lifesaving USB application is compatible with both PCs and Macs, allowing fast and streamlined integration with an EMT’s or doctor’s laptop. The USB healthcare technology is also surfacing in watches, key chains and shoelaces.

As one health system executive told the Wall Street Journal, “Many patients have situations that are so much more complex than just the penicillin allergy that can be noted on a bracelet.”

To have a complete medical history compacted onto your wrist by utilitarian jewelry could not only change the way you’re treated, but bring a new, high-tech dimension to patient care.

Would you want to use a flash drive medical bracelet for you or your loved one in the event of an emergency, or would you rather just stick to the traditional silver band? Let’s hear your comments below.

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5 Responses to USB Bracelet Technology Could Save Lives

  1. Christina LeAnne Adams says:

    Yes i absolutely need one where can i get one

  2. Patty Smith says:

    I was very excited about getting one of these bracelets. Care, the company that makes this bracelet is downright deceitful about its claims that the bracelet is both Mac and Windows compatible. In truth, that is a devious claim. While it is true that Mac or Windows computers can read the information on the bracelet, what they hide is that to put your information on the bracelet in the first place, you have to have a Windows computer. Shame on you Care Corporation for not being upfront!

  3. Patty Smith says:

    Hi Christina, I’ve seen them at stores like Walgreens and you can also buy them direct from Care on the Internet

    Hope this helps you!

  4. Doris says:

    I bought this medical alert bracelet. Thank goodness I read the above post before I opened the package. I will return it for a refund. I’m using a MAC so I won’t be able to put information on the bracelet. The package even shows a MAC graphic which leads a person to believe it is compatible. There is a small section that says the software can only be installed on a Windows computer. That implies info can be added to the bracelet but to store the info on a computer it would need to have a Windows computer. I am very unhappy and will tell everyone I know of this negative experience.

  5. Paul Leaman says:

    Just bought a CARE Medical History Bracelet at Walgreens and the packaging clearly states that the bracelet “can be plugged into any computer providing instant access to your complete health history”. Meaning that a PC or MAC will be able to display your medical history in an emergency. Nothing deceitful there. However, the Software does state that it can only be installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows. Which is great because MAC is not a factor in the medical professional field, like with EMTs and in emergency rooms. Great product! I recommend it to everyone.

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