Military-Grade ADATA S007 USB Drive: Fit for the Outdoors

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Military-grade ADATA S007 Flash Drive

Go ahead, ADATA dares you to drop and shock their new flash drive—it says the device is tough enough to handle it.  So tough, the ADATA S007 USB drive is up to snuff with military-grade, Department of Defense standards; US MIL-STD-810F 514.5.  What these cryptic numbers and letters mean is that this USB can survive multiple drops and ward off possible side effects of electrical shock, all while being effective for DOD applications.  Lucky for you civilians, you can nab it as a commercial product.

The innovation used for the case modding around the drive could almost compete with the technology of the flash drive itself.  The case is made with a unique rubber insulation that renders it a waterproof USB.  With its cap fastened, it’ll last better in water than even you by remaining intact at one meter deep for twenty minutes.  Speaking of the cap, it’s designed to be idiot-proof.  All you have to do to keep from losing it is tucking it in the back of the drive the same way you’d deal with a pen cap.

For those who take work and play to the outer limits, the ADATA flash drive’s look is adventurous and sleek—designed in brightly colored styles that could easily complement those ridiculously good-looking thrill seekers in high production car and sport commercials.

As a USB 2.0 flash drive, it reads at 30 MBps and writes at 8 MBps.  You can also take advantage of some free download software offered by ADATA plus a two month free trial of Norton Internet Security.

While the ADATA gets an A plus in rugged appeal, how much can the average flash drive user take advantage of and appreciate its features?  Personally, I use USB drives in an office and at home as opposed to harsh environments.  However, if I ever decide to take my data on the go to Mount Everest, the Sahara desert, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or Colorado River rafting, I’ll keep the colorful military-grade S007 in mind.

ADATA is a global DRAM module and flash drive leader based in Taiwan.

Does the ADATA S007 USB drive pique your curiosity?  Let us know what you have to say.

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