New Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go: The Tiny Netbook USB Drive

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Verbatim Store n Go Netbook USB Flash Drive

If there’s a small lil’ USB void left in your netbook in terms of storage, but if you don’t want to sacrifice style or space, Verbatim is willing and able to fill that void for you. We introduce to you the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Netbook USB flash drive. At first glance, you may look at it and say, “Seriously? That’s all there is to it?”

Yes, the verbatim drive is very, very, very small. Insert whatever synonyms you can think of for the word “small” and that will perfectly describe the latest Store ‘n’ Go. The netbook USB looks more like a piece of plastic and metal that fell or chipped off of a bigger component of computer gadgetry. In reality, the tiny flash drive packs enough function and force on its own.

First, the Verbatim flash drive hardly even exceeds past the connector that drives it. According to the website Pocket-lint, the netbook USB drive is coin-sized.  It measures just 17.15 mm by 14.85 mm by 7.7 mm. Moreover, it weighs less than some of that loose change at only two grams.

While it does not offer the up-and-coming USB 3.0 support, its USB 2.0 interface is more than adequate for the connectivity offered by today’s netbooks. The read speed measures at 11 MB/s while the write speed measures at 3 MB/s. Storage capacities for Verbatim’s drive are flexible to your demands. They are featured in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB flavors.

So, why does Verbatim make a drive so small? Believe it or not, it seems the USB flash drive serves a purpose in its super slight design. The memory maker actually intends for you to use it as a semi-permanent peripheral plugged in to your portable netbook. No matter where you take your computer, the USB drive acts as an extension of your netbook’s internal storage. Additionally, its small and seamless design does not take away from your compact netbook, nor does it stick out too far from the port and pose the risk of breaking off in transport.

Although it’s billed as a netbook flash drive, Verbatim stresses that it can still be used by any PC or Mac. The company stands by the flash drive with a two-year warranty. The Store ‘n’ Go Netbook USB drive will first debut in Europe and the UK, with an approximate starting retail price of 14.99 pounds (which roughly translates to $24).

Do you buy into Verbatim’s concept that smaller is better for your netbook? Share your gripes and likes below.

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5 Responses to New Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go: The Tiny Netbook USB Drive

  1. Vlad says:

    Wow, they reinvented the wheel and sell it at the price of a whole car! How about a tiny card reader for $4 and that you can stick any MicroSD card in?

    Same size, but much cheaper and more versatile (you can use it as a card reader for all your MicroSD cards or as a thumb drive.

  2. Lol. says:

    ^ LOL Owned.

  3. bolaji adebola says:

    i will like to purchase

    flash drive USb 300 pieces

    Due get to me with the total cost and the shipping cost by either UPS or FedEx to london.payment will be made through my credit card.
    Expecting your response


  4. USB Gal says:

    Thank you for your interest, but our site does not sell USB flash drives. The purpose of our site is to bring the latest news and information regarding the USB industry.

  5. Borellus says:

    I love the first comment.

    Why the hell would I want somthing this small? The standard sise USB drives are the perfect size I think, small enough to fit in your pocked with other things like keys, change and phone ect. Also not too small to lose it easily. I think I will stick the the standard size.

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