Preloaded USB Flash Drive Brings Sesame Street To Life

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Sesame Street Video USB 2.0 Flash Drive

While some members of our older generations may still be grappling with USB technology and its flock of peripheral devices, the Sesame Street Video USB 2.0 Flash Drive by ATP may prove that you’re never too young to start learning about it. Combining the cute, cuddly characters of a childhood favorite with education and wrapping it up in an innovative USB—what’s not to like about Baby’s first flash drive?

Each of these preloaded USBs features a full-length, non-erasable video of the character featured on the drive. ATP gives your child six characters to choose from: Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Ernie and Abby Cadabby. There is also a flash drive available shaped like the show’s street sign.  In addition to preloaded content, the video USB drive allows enough space to hold 400 songs, 400 photos or the storage to hold written content for both kids and parents.

The brightly colored, rubber Sesame faces are big enough that they won’t be swallowed by a curious kid, but small enough for little hands. It is even equipped with a rope-like connector strap to keep the two smiling halves of the drive from getting lost. When the face is separated in two, it unveils the USB stick. The large rubber casing makes it drop-proof and water-proof for those kids who take no mercy on toys and other objects. One thing to note, the casing is a bit bulky and it may not fit all tight spots for ports; a USB hub might be an ideal plug-in location.

To use, simply plug in the drive to your computer’s USB port and the video and data storage feature pops up. Just one click will guide you to the movie, Sesame Street’s website or your personal data. This drive supports PC function as well as USB 2.0 connectivity.

Character USB drives are a great marketing tool as they bring prominence to both Sesame Street and ATP Electronics. The concept also reaches out to a lesser tapped technology demographic with children. The kid-friendly flash drive design and non-erasable USB character movie add to its appeal for younger users while getting them actively engaged in using flash drives, computer programs and websites. The additional data storage is not only great for kids, but it gives Mom and Dad a reason to use it. That said, it may only be a matter of time before we see other cartoon characters and puppets follow suit.

Do you think the Sesame Street USB drive is too cute for words? Try and think of a few and post your thoughts in our comment section!

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