Super Talent CKB USB Key: Flash Drive on the Go

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Super Talent CKB USB Flash Drive

Many USB flash drives that saturate the market rely on novelty over function to catch your eye.  However, one memory leader is attempting to combine the best of both worlds with the Super Talent CKB USB web key flash drive.

Super Talent—a San Jose, California-based technology company—designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of memory modules and flash storage and holds over 200 patents.  As one of their latest product debuts, the CKB flash drive makes technology on-the-go easier.

What makes this USB simultaneously blend in as well as stand out is the fact that it looks just like a key.  According to one article, a top Super Talent executive says, “Making a drive that mimics an actual key and fits on your keychain is a natural fit.”

It can fit on your key ring along with those that go to your car, your house and your office.  As a side note, its triangular shaped center hole vaguely resembles a bottle opener.  Nonetheless, there’s no mistaking its true purpose as a high-tech key.

Super Talent’s CKB web key eliminates the need to tote around a larger, more bulky USB drive.  It also frees up more room for the rest of your USB devices like MP3 players and smartphones in your pockets and purses.  By having your flash drive linked to a keychain, it’s one less thing can worry about forgetting to bring with you.

The waterproof CKB flash drive comes in a range of sizes to fit your storage demands and your budget, from 2 gigabytes to 32 gigabytes.  A sturdy metal design not only gives it the look of a key, but also helps it to withstand the same use and abuse that your keys are subjected to.  No additional drivers should be required and it has a limited lifetime warranty paired with the durability of 10 years worth of data retention.  You can also choose from a silver or black finish.

While it supports the USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 interfaces, it is not equipped to support the up and coming USB 3.0.  However, this lack of support may not hurt the success of the product, as USB 3.0 has not yet reached mainstream status and the earlier interfaces will likely reflect a more user-friendly budget.

Would you add Super Talent’s CKB USB drive to your keychain?

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