USB 3.0 Western Digital My Passport and My Book Ready for Takeoff

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WD USB 3.0 External Hard Drives

Western Digital is following the lead created by Seagate with SuperSpeed connectivity and greater storage while trying to also build off of that. Meet the WD USB 3.0 My Passport Essential portable hard drive, My Passport Essential SE portable hard drive and My Book Essential external hard drive.

This family trio of drives offers varying data capacities but share a common thread with USB 3.0 as well as other features. The USB 3.0 interface means that data transfer rates occur at three times the speed (at 150 megabytes per second) compared to USB 2.0. Translation: two hours of high def video can be transferred in a lightning fast three minutes as opposed to 13 minutes with USB 2.0 connectivity.

All of the drives are also equipped with password protection to keep your storage information private. To ensure peace of mind for users, Western Digital drives also come with backup software that works automatically and continuously. The internal drive for the Passport versions is a compact 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches for the My Book.

Now, for its impressive storage options.

The WD My Passport Essential portable drive is the smallest offering at 500GB. The next step up is the My Passport SE drive with two sizes, 750GB and 1TB. The “Papa Bear” of this hard drive family is the MyBook external USB hard drive, available in 1 TB, 2TB and 3TB storage capacities.

What many may ask is if 3TB of storage is just too much or just right? If you think about it, as the memories and pieces of our daily lives are dwindling on paper and migrating to the digital realm, megabytes and terabytes used for such purposes go fast.

One Western Digital executive put it this way, “With more and more devices like the iPod touch®, iPhone®4 and other smartphones adding video-capable cameras, digital video is becoming ubiquitous. Most homes already have thousands of photos and music files, increasing the need for storage around the house. Having the extra capacity to store these files and move them around quickly is becoming a big issue for many consumers around the world.”

The USB 3.0 drives are supported for Windows operating systems but can be reformatted for Mac. The SuperSpeed along with the heavy storage load is sure to make a dynamic and much needed duo in our digital lives. It remains to be seen whether the external hard drives will operate at a cooler temperature rate than the Seagate version.

How do you think USB 3.0 My Passports and My Book will perform? Sound off in our comment section.

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