Bayer’s Contour USB: Diabetes Management with a Flash Drive

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Bayer Contour USB Diabetes Flash Drive Meter

Diabetes affects more than 23 million Americans.  Living with the disease means a daily balance and struggle of getting your blood sugar just right; heavily relying on the patient to achieve proper at-home testing.  Some new studies reveal that a USB flash drive by Bayer HealthCare may help to make this struggle more manageable.

According to WebWire, Bayer’s Contour USB was the subject of a non-interventional study comprised of more than 1,000 diabetes patients and 100 health-care professionals that tested the device’s ease of use and features in a real world setting.

The results?  A positive response to the USB technology with 97 percent of the patient participants planning continued use of the flash drive after the study ended.  Healthcare professionals had an even more rave response.  Over 99 percent of doctors surveyed had a positive level of satisfaction with the USB meter.  The study also demonstrated that the device is very accurate in its measurement of levels.

So, what exactly is the Bayer Contour USB?  It’s a plug-and-play, rechargeable blood glucose tester accompanied by GLUCOFACTS DELUXE diabetes management software.  It will store up to 2,000 test results on the USB drive to track your blood sugar levels and progress.  The software also calculates patterns and trends in your health.

The information gathered by the Contour USB can be shared with your healthcare providers in person or via email.  The device almost acts as your own doctor representative that arms you with more accurate results.  The unique and accurate results it provides can affect the way you eat, exercise and the course of action for how you’re treated or medicated.

The USB flash drive meter is equipped with a highly visible screen and easy-to-navigate menu buttons to scroll to your desired testing selection or preference.  From here you can organize test results as before, after, or no meals to better understand your condition.  You can customize your target range by programming what your blood sugar readings should be throughout the day through the drive’s menu.  It will prompt you if your levels are too low or too high.

The USB diabetes meter will calculate 7, 14 or 30 day average reading levels.  You can even program notes to add to your testing to mark if you were sick, stressed, etc. at the time of testing (that may affect results).  To prevent skipping tests, the USB drive can be programmed to give you testing reminders as well.

You will use Contour test strips along with the USB meter which boast accurate coding results with each new strip that’s inserted with automatic calibration.  It eliminates the risk of manual coding errors often made by patients.  The test strip is inserted into one end of the drive.  It requires only a small amount of blood for its sample and can provide results within five seconds.

The Contour flash drive has a small rechargeable battery charged from the USB port.  It can charge in one minute for instant use, or undergo a normal charging process over the course of two hours.  This ability makes it easy for portable blood sugar testing.  The GLUCOFACTS DELUXE software can automatically load and log your results on your computer from your drive.

There are some technology parameters to keep in mind when using Bayer’s Contour USB.  The drive is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista as well as Mac Snow Leopard and Leopard (10.5.8) and requires Java 1.6 or higher.  The flash drive uses an auto play function, which will automatically launch the GLUCOFACTS software once it’s plugged into the port.  For Macs, the software must be manually launched from the desktop by clicking on the software’s icon.

The first time the drive is plugged in, it may take longer before you can begin use, as your computer will have to install the proper USB drivers.  Among the Contour’s files you will see a GLUCOFACTS folder.  This folder cannot be deleted, otherwise you delete the software.  Potential computer viruses cannot tamper with your blood sugar results.  The auto launch flash drive also uses USB 2.0 connectivity that’s also backward compatible with USB 1.1.  You can also register online for software updates.

The Contour USB can be found at most major retailers and pharmacies.

What do you think of USB technology helping with diabetes management?  Have you ever used a Bayer Contour USB?  Talk to us.

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