LaCie USB 3.0 Hard Drive Gets Designer Edge

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LaCie Starck Mobile Drive USB 3.0

LaCie is on its way to building a prolific resume in the USB 3.0 department, and now the company is adding a generous dose of style to its latest SuperSpeed product. Meet the LaCie Starck Mobile Drive USB 3.0.

You may instantly think it’s inspired by the suave Iron Man Tony Stark. However, the real designer, Philippe Starck could be considered just as cool by those familiar with his work. Starck’s functional New Design aesthetic has likely touched or influenced your daily life in some form. His work surfaces in everything from chic hotels, restaurants and home furniture to watches, toilets and citrus squeezers.

Making technology look good is just another one of Starck’s many specialties, like with the LaCie USB 3.0 drive. The storage manufacturer and designer previously collaborated on the LaCie Mobile Drive USB 2.0. For their latest creation, the drive’s sleek appearance makes it display-worthy for the most stylish techie. Protecting the shiny metal drive is a 2 millimeter thick aluminum case whose minimalistic appearance contradicts its strength, which LaCie claims can stand up to overheating and physical damage.

The drive’s USB 3.0 connection operates at ten times the speed of USB 2.0 while still offering backward compatibility with the high speed interface. The Starck drive’s on-the-go file capacity is 500 GB, which in layman’s terms roughly equates to something like storage for 200,000 photos or more than 900 MPEG movies.

Additionally, the purchase of a LaCie Starck 3.0 drive comes with one free year of 10 GB of online storage from Wuala for all of your syncing and sharing purposes. Configuration and backup software is also included with your purchase. The drive retails for approximately $110.

Do you think LaCie Starck Mobile USB 3.0 packs both style and substance? Or do looks not matter? What do you look for in portable storage?

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