LaCie’s USB 3.0 Solution for Macs

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LaCie USB 3.0 driver for Apple Mac

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have recently told a Mac user that he thought USB 3.0 wasn’t taking off at this point in time, but leading global storage manufacturer LaCie is defying the iKing with a solution many Mac fans have been looking for. LaCie introduced a free USB 3.0 driver for Mac OS that is used exclusively with the brand’s line of expansion cards and storage devices.

The expansion cards include the LaCie USB 3.0 Express Card and the LaCie USB 3.0 Express Card/34. The installation of the USB driver together with an Express Card is supposed to rev up your data transfer rates up to 130 megabytes per second for single hard drives and up to 220 megabytes per second for dual hard drives. These speeds measure out to double the speed of FireWire 800.  Additionally, your Mac computers will maximize their power efficiency by cutting back on energy from idle devices while simultaneously providing enough power for your most high performance devices.

Before you forge ahead with SuperSpeed enthusiasm, you will need to make sure your Mac is ready for USB 3.0. First, only Mac Pros and MacBook Pros will offer compatibility. Second, if you have a 10.5 version or later, you’re in luck. Otherwise, Mac Pros and MacBook Pros that have a 10.4 OS version or earlier will have to upgrade to a greater Mac OS X. Mac Pros will use PCI Express Cards while MacBook Pros will use the Express Card/34.

You will also need a LaCie USB 3.0 storage device like the Rugged, the Minimus, the Rikiki, d2, or 2big. Once you have the USB drive and proper OS version, you can download and install LaCie’s USB 3.0 driver for free from its website. Next, insert the Express Card and refer to the installation instructions.

LaCie follows CalDigit, who in September of this year released external hard drives compatible with CalDigit USB 3.0 adapter cards for Mac users.

What do you think of LaCie’s latest development? Do you plan on installing its USB 3.0 driver? Do you think Apple will ever offer native support? Let us hear what you have to say.

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