Under $15 and $30: Super Talent’s USB 3.0 Express Duo Flash Drives

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Affordable Super Talent Express DUO USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Super Talent’s Express DUO USB 3.0 flash drives are likely to gain some popularity and buzz before they even arrive in the homes and ports of eager consumers, and it has nothing to do with its features or appearance. So what’s the lure? In one word, price.

Cutting edge connectivity, devices and equipment typically come at a premium price, but that is simply not the case for these Super Talent flash drives. Not only do they maximize the potential of data transfer rates, but they also redefine price points for SuperSpeed technology.

Taking orders and shipping this month, the Express DUOs supporting USB 3.0 are $14 for 8 GB and $29 for 16 GB. USB 3.0 puts a new spin on the data transfer rates that you’re used to. It’s as if you’re turning your average sedan into a high performance vehicle. These 3.0 drives run at 67 megabytes per second compared to USB 2.0’s read speed of 32 megabytes per second.

The Super Talent flash drives have backward compatibility with USB 2.0. This means that you have the versatility to use them anywhere, just plug in to any of your existing ports. Keep in mind however, that if a USB 2.0 port is used, these drives will work compatibly at the slower 2.0 pace. USB 3.0 needs native support or an adapter to work at 67 megabytes per second.

According to Softpedia, Super Talent’s 3.0 flash drives do not boast any particular standout specs in terms of durability or unique storage space. The truth is, the thumb drive has a fairly average appearance. Encased in a classic rectangular shape, the plastic and metal drive is currently featured in a medium-toned blue.

Taking its benefits into account, the Express DUO’s ability to provide greater data speeds and comparable storage sizes at the same price of competitive USB 2.0 drives provides Super Talent a unique edge for now, as other 3.0 drives will be working toward a competitive price to come close to it.

A below $15 mark signifies that USB 3.0 is gaining ground, as the interface is heavily reliant on peripheral devices to demonstrate the data and speed advantages to the everyday consumer. Super Talent just may be on the fast track to making digital speed, affordability and new technology adoption come true.

Does the budget-friendly Super Talent drive make you more open to USB 3.0? Talk to us!

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