USB Watch: The Multipurpose sWaP Rebel

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Swap Rebel USB Watch

Is it a phone?  Is it a watch?  Is it a flash drive?  How about a little bit of everything.  The sWaP Rebel beats out the latest iPod Nano and other devices of its kind.  Where those devices stop at being a glorified MP3 device, the Rebel only just begins to prove there are no limits for USB creativity.

The sWaP watch is a unique USB gadget that understands you like to have multiple media and communication options for your portable experience.  If James Bond or Dick Tracy had geeky offspring, they would definitely be sporting one of these.

Featured in an array of bright colors, the sWaP watch phone is made with a flexible, durable silicon rubber wrist strap and a 1.46” square color touchscreen with 176 by 132 pixels.  It is lightweight so that it doesn’t become a burden to wear or carry.

The Rebel USB watch has 128MB of available internal storage that’s separate from the memory used to run the operating system.  It uses a 2GB micro SD card; however you have the option to expand that feature to 8GB.

The sWaP’s built-in USB 2.0 port only further boosts its functionality so that you can share your portable entertainment and data on a laptop or PC.   This includes USB storage for your pictures, videos, songs or documents.

The sWaP watch falls a little short when it comes to the capabilities of other smartphone batteries.  It gives you only about 3 hours of straight talk time and it takes two hours to charge.

This brings us to the fact that the USB watch is not without its shortcomings.  Just how difficult might a near one and a half inch screen be to use?  Those with clumsy fingers may be out of luck.  Exact camera megapixel information has yet to be divulged.  The device appears to lack online connectivity which may turn off some users but encourage others because a lack of Internet maintains the watch’s quick response.

You are also paying the price for its novelty at a steep $300.  The wearable LiveView and Nano are priced more in the $100 to $150 range for a greater storage capacity (keep in mind these devices don’t have the Rebel’s phone feature).  However, it uses a pay-as-you-go phone plan with a four band network so you may be able to keep some costs down there.

Whether it’s for talking, texting, or just rocking out, the sWaP Rebel is worth looking into.  The head turning you’ll get talking to your wrist may pay for itself, too.

Check out the watch’s global distributors online.

Is the sWaP Rebel USB Watch phone a must or a bust?  Do you think it will pave the way for similar devices?

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