Wireless USB Flash Drive: AirStash with WebDAV

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AirStash USB Flash Drive Media Streamer

If you were one of a number of individuals who was left wanting more from AirStash last year, redemption could be here. Wearable Inc. confirmed during CES 2011 that it is releasing a vastly improved AirStash with WebDAV, which functions ideally with iOS devices, and will become the first and only wireless 2-way iPad thumb drive.

AirStash is a pocket-sized USB flash drive with a built-in SD card slot that develops a private hotspot so you can enjoy sharing all kinds of media, including movies, music, photos and documents saved on the SD card, through a Wi-Fi connection. As a flash drive, you can conveniently drag and drop your files to your SD card while charging the built-in lithium polymer battery.

The new AirStash will include WebDAV through a firmware update. The WebDAV support will allow a user to transfer files from an iPad to the wireless flash drive without an Internet connection. So while the previous version worked only as a regular media streamer that allows you to read off a tablet, the AirStash with WebDAV will help you write on it.

Although the new WebDAV update is readily available for free to all AirStash owners, it only works with a compatible iPad application. You can cut your worries down though, as currently, most iOs apps already support it.

Breaking the barriers of your iPhone, iPod and iPad storage walls, the new AirStash allows users to expand memory up to 32GB, so you won’t have to limit yourself on storing media files. If 32GB still does not measure up to your storage requirements, you may just opt to bring along several SD cards with you. With the AirStash being small and portable, it’s easy to place in a bag together with the SD cards, then carry it around – hassle-free.

Other functions include using it as a camera adapter. Download photos via wireless network, save it on the gallery, and edit the images using your favorite apps. We’re also excited for the new app for easy photo browsing and importing that Wearable Inc. will be launching come February, pending Apple’s approval.

Another great feature is “Access-on the-go,” which allows users to share files while inside the car, walking around the park or shopping. It’s perfect for families and friends who actively use the Internet to download and share media files. AirStash enables unlimited sharing to an unlimited number of users you want to let in to your system. With the Wireless Password Access 2 (WPA2) encryption, no intruder can steal your documents and no one can view them without your approval.

With portability, security, expanded memory and thumb drive capabilities, the AirStash with WebDAV certainly sounds promising. Not only will it change the way we share files but also it gives another testament to the ever improving USB technology.  But the question is, how will consumers respond? Wearable Inc. said it is releasing the new USB flash drive by end of the first quarter for the year.

Are you excited to get a hold of one of these?   Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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