A Closer Look at Powertrekk USB Fuel Cell Charger

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Powertrekk USB Fuel Cell Charger

Using our digital devices has become a necessity, especially when they have so many applications that we can’t help but explore and even get addicted to. We spend long hours using them and before we know it, we’ll see the battery icon blinking. During times like this, don’t you wish for the kind of portable charger that you can bring anywhere and use anytime?

A huge fuel cell technology company based in Sweden, myFC,offers a unique solution with  its latest innovation, the new pocket-size and lightweight PowerTrekk USB Fuel Charger. It not only offers maximum portability but also utilizes USB technology. On top of that, it is totally eco-friendly!

The best thing about the PowerTrekk USB charger—which myFC unveiled at the recently concluded Mobile World Conference in Barcelona—is that since it makes use of USB power, all electronic devices – mobile phones, cameras, GPS devices, iPods/mp3s, etc. – can be recharged without the need for electricity.

The PowerTrekk USB charger boasts a rugged, waterproof casing with indispensable technology inside, made to match the requirements of anyone constantly on-the-go.

To use the charger, remove the tray system and insert a puck-sized fuel pack into the little fuel compartment before filling it up with approximately one tablespoon of water and closing the lid. Hydrogen is then converted into electricity through the eco-friendly fuel cell. From there, you can connect the device that needs charging to the PowerTrekk USB Fuel Cell charger via the USB port using USB-A connector. Charging starts automatically. Remember to remove the used fuel pack when in shutdown mode.

As we all know, chargers are a threat to the environment because they are made of toxic substances such as cadmium, copper, lead and mercury, which can pollute soil and water when they leak. This portable USB charger features a clean way to power your devices through the 2.75 mm eco-friendly fuel cell that uses water (water vapor) as its by-product. Unlike solar energy, the charger can be used under any weather condition, anywhere and anytime, so long as you have a few tablespoons of water on hand!

Although the fuel cell is an electronic waste, myFC claims that it will be part of the company’s industry program for recycling.

This ‘green’ device is expected to hit the market in October and may cost at around $240.

Are you looking forward to getting one of these before the end of the year?

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