Imation Defender Collection: What Makes These USB Flash Drives Different

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Imation USB Flash Drive Defender Collection

Countless manufacturers are tackling the security flaws of the basic USB drive as data breaches seem to become the norm.  Global tech company Imation is increasing its flash storage portfolio by carving out its own security path with the Defender Collection of USB drives, which was first introduced to consumers last year.

Now, the company is taking these products a few steps further with the recent debut of 64GB drive capacities and new software options.  In a market flooded with encrypted flash drives, I had the chance to catch up with Imation.  We discussed product feedback, what consumers will get with new software features and what makes the Imation Defender USB drives unique compared to other secure portable storage.

For those of you not familiar with the Defender Collection, it consists of four models of flash drives with varying capacities and security features depending on an industry or consumer’s needs.  Secure portable hard drives and optical media round out the series of products.  The line rivals an elite brand like IronKey in that it’s the only one to offer all-around FIPS 140-2 validation with 256-bit AES encryption.  They are packed with up to three levels of security, virus protection and can withstand physical tampering.

According to Dean Delserro at Imation, “The response we’ve received from customers and analysts has been very positive as they are impressed with the broad portfolio offerings. The Defender Collection media, combined with our powerful and flexible software solutions, is the most comprehensive portfolio of secure storage technologies available to small and large businesses where data security is paramount.”

The newest software features of these Imation Defender flash drives are designed to give ultimate control and flexibility to administrators.  No matter what kind of user you are, you can customize the authentication functions to suit your environment, be it in government, healthcare, finance or retail.

That means each Defender drive allows you to create how the flash drive can be used, where it can be used and what kind of files can be loaded to the device.  Additionally, the Defender Software Suite can remotely disable a missing or stolen drive, manage keys, retrieve data or passwords and create reports or audits.

Imation gives its own signature twist to biometric-enabled flash drives.  This hardware feature is coupled with password authentication and the potential for integrating identity verification card methods.  However, the most unique part of the company’s biometrics approach is the technology behind it, which ensures that a fingerprint can never be lifted or forged from the sensor.  Other biometric USB drives are based off of one-time imprint reads.  With Imation’s alternative swiping method, the print moves over the sensor but is not stored on the device.

“Instead, they store an algorithm-based mathematical equivalent, so there’s no risk of the image being copied off of a drive that has been personalized,” Delserro said.

Does the Imation Defender Collection offer the kind of flash drive security that you’re looking for?  Why or why not?

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