Lindy USB Port Blocker: How It Prevents Data Leaks

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Lindy USB Port Blocker

Companies, organizations and even manufacturers have taken painstaking, expensive and high-tech steps to ward off data leaks via USB flash drives.  However, as the Lindy Connection Perfection USB Port Blocker proves, a viable solution may be surprisingly simple and affordable.

“The purpose of the product is to keep an ‘honest man’ honest,” said Lindy’s Jeremy Braswell.  “The USB Blocker solidifies that the blocked USB port should not be tampered with and puts an obstacle in the way of a possible data loss or theft incident.”

The USB Port Blocker looks nearly identical to a flash drive with its pocket-sized rectangular shape and gray exterior.  When you plug the keylock into a USB port, you press on a release latch to secure it into place.  As a result, the lock remains anchored into the port as you remove the remaining portion of the Lindy port key.  It also looks discreet; you’d never know a port was locked unless you attempted to shove a USB drive inside.  When you want to use the port, you can easily pull out the lock by once again inserting the key.

This kind of USB port lock is suited for a variety of environments where access to sensitive information is selective—think government contractors, medical offices, research laboratories and the like.

“The feedback has been positive as we have customers that purchase thousands of these per year,” Braswell said.

The Lindy USB Port Blocker is not the end-all, be-all solution for maximum protection.  With the right tool, you could pry out the lock, but in such an instance, the lock could indirectly accomplish its job by damaging the port beyond use.

However, it’s extremely effective as an overall deterrent.  It could either stop someone in their tracks from attempting to access a system, or bring attention to a rogue employee who’s taking the time and effort to pry the lock open.  Additionally, a more comprehensive security strategy should include network protection.

“It works well in a layered security environment. A customer can implement the USB Port Blocker as well as a software solution,” Braswell added.

Such a two-fold punch might be just the kind of realistic approach that curbs a data breach without going over the top in spending or security.

The Lindy USB Port Blocker is available now.  A pack of four locks with a matching key goes for under $23.

Would you use this USB device against unwanted access by flash drives and other portable storage?  Why or why not?

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    I’m interested in your “Lindy USB Port Blocker” to be used in our Post Production Area.

    Do you have a local reseller for this item?

    Please advice.

    Jhon Atienza
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  3. Jill B. says:

    Hi Jhon,
    We do not sell anything, this is a informational/product review site. Please direct your queries to . Thanks!

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