Samsung Sens Series 9 Slim Notebook with USB 3.0

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Samsung Sens 9 Series USB 3.0 notebook

Samsung is going to give Mac a run for its money – at least with the MacBook Air.

It appears to be the technology talk of the town right after the Korean-based consumer electronics manufacturer proudly presented its newest masterpiece to the public at CES 2011 a few months ago—the Samsung Sens Series 9 Slim Notebook, an Intel-powered laptop that incredibly weighs 2.88 lbs, with a thickness of 15.9mm.  The notebook boasts USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, the latter being 10 times faster in terms of data transfers. As a result, Samsung now becomes one of the earliest manufacturers to incorporate the SuperSpeed interface into a laptop.

The Series 9 notebook promises durability with an innovative Duralumin chassis (a lightweight material stronger than aluminum) and features a powerful Sandy Bridge processor, the Intel 1.4 GHz core i5-2537M.  This translates to less heat but quick and smooth internal operations, absolutely perfect any of your HD graphics. It also features 4GD RAM and 128GB SSD so you’re sure to store tons of data.

The 13-inch Samsung notebook is preloaded with Windows 7 and can display up to 1366×768 pixel resolution. It looks nice with a backlit keyboard with a large multi-touch clickpad but some people question the originality of this concept (MacBook Air has it). Its sophisticated look, courtesy of designer YeoWan Yun, is backed by a brilliant LCD display screen, and equipped with a 6-cell battery that has been claimed to last more than 7 hours.

For your internet connection, you can simply plug the USB 3.0 notebook through the available Ethernet LAN. The laptop is also equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and detects WiFi easily so you don’t have to worry about getting wirelessly connected. On the other hand, there is also a slot for your microSD card, as well as a port to connect your micro-HDMI.

Compared with its rival, MacBook Air, the Samsung notebook is engineered to perfection, integrating a powerful Intel core i5 as its processor, and paving the way for USB 3.0 as the mainstream answer for a user’s peripheral needs. With these included in Samsung’s specs, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more people choosing the Samsung over MacBook Air (of course, unless Apple changes its tune on SuperSpeed).

I am excited to experience the Samsung Sens Series 9 laptop. Unless you live in South Korea, you’ll have to sit tight before it hits shelves next month. Currently it retails at a hefty $2208. Great power really does come with a great fee.

Are you excited for the new Samsung Sens Series 9 Slim USB 3.0 Notebook? Tell us your thoughts!

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