Apple’s New Patent for a Hybrid Display Port/USB 3.0 Adapter

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Apple USB 3.0 Display Port Patent

Apple recently won a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that while greatly enhancing current connectivity technology could also be a step toward making Apple products even more exclusive and proprietary.  However, the connector dubbed “Reduced Size Multi-Pin Male Plug Connector,” is giving Apple enthusiasts something to be excited about.

The invention is, in effect, a Display Port/USB 3.0 Adapter crossed with the company’s  famous 30-pin connector.  The patent uses an iPod in the new technology’s illustration, but it also may be used for MacBooks and other handheld devices.  Although it is not mentioned specifically in the patent, it is quite possible that the adapter is leading up to a USB 3.0 Thunderbolt dock connector in the near future as well.

Those geniuses at Apple snuck this patent in for submission all the way back in September of 2009.  The new invention, which just might makes its first appearance in the upcoming Apple iPhone5, is well-matched to the bar that is being set for super speed communication.

Apple is known for trying to make more compact connectors, as well as reduce the amount of them on their devices.  The pros of this are that their products are more compact and user-friendly than ever.  However, because they are all exclusively Apple, it is quite expensive to not only keep up with all of their new technology but also keep their devices up-to-date.

The Apple USB 3.0 dock connector is a source of elation for some who are looking forward to the speed that the USB 3.0 capability is going to bring.  Others are cringing from fear that new products are going to be incompatible with their older Apple products.

Let’s face it; Apple products aren’t cheap, folks.  And buying more connectors to make the new machines work well with the old apparatuses is a real hindrance.  It also defeats the purpose of having the highly coveted, sleek look of the Apple products in the first place.

One way or the other, USB 3.0 capabilities are appealing to an increasing number of Mac users so it’s a good thing that Apple appears to be accommodating these needs.  However, only implementation will tell what it means for users in general as well as the PC camp.

Do you think combining all of these connections is a good thing?  Sound off!

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