Recycling With A Twist: Collector USB Flash Drive Concept

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Collector USB Drive with MicroSD Yanko Concept

There is a new concept USB flash drive in town, and so far it seems to be a winner.  Designer Fang Chun Tsai featured a new, interesting concept on Yanko Design’s site which helps us all be less wasteful while at the same time fulfilling our memory storage needs.

The Collector USB flash drive is a fantastic idea for those who wish to combine an awesome, trendy USB design with functionality and recycling.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well, this concept could very likely become a reality.

The way that the USB design would ideally work goes a little something like this—it will ship without its own independent memory capacity.  Once consumers receive the flash drive, they will take out all of their old micro SD cards that are just hanging around and collecting dust.   From there they can insert up to three of these previously unused pieces of memory.  These will unite into one huge mountain of storage!  That means that if a Collector USB user had 3 SD cards with 8 GB of memory each, he would actually have 24GB of memory in one device.

While this particular USB drive concept has many merits, there are a few questions that come along with it.  For instance, what if one of the SD cards is removed?  Will all of the information be lost that is on all of the cards?  Do the sets of cards need to be kept together to remain completely functional?  The answers to these questions are still unclear since this USB flash drive, micro SD card hybrid is just an idea which blossomed in the mind of Fang Chun Tsai.

It seems like the idea is one that allows people to put into good use what they already have.  After all, buying huge amounts of memory in a flash drive is not always a cheap investment.  It is great to be able to save a few bucks, get large amounts of storage and look really fashionable at the same time.

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