LEGO USB Space Helmet Audio Book: New Reading Tool?

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LEGO USB Audio Comic Helmet

If you see a kid reading a comic book while wearing a helmet with a gold visor, you may assume he’s just weird.  But there may be a perfectly good explanation—he could be learning how to read!

USB technology has certainly developed a love of all things LEGO. Nearly a month after the company released its official LEGO USB Flash drive, English designer Jonathan Robson released a concept for a LEGO audio book space helmet supported by USB as an ode to his all-time favorite toy-maker. Although the design is still in development, many people (mostly parents I’m sure) are already excited to know what’s in store for them.

Robson admitted that he learned how to read as a kid when he subscribed to the LEGO Club and received his LEGO magazines, which had puzzles, competitions and comics inside of them. The designer says the LEGO USB Space Helmet is a token of appreciation to the company who helped him with his reading skills.

A USB audio comic is a spectacular way to get little munchkins involved and excited about reading. The life-size helmet acts as a headset for listening to the audio for the LEGO comics. The idea of a helmet as a headset is perfect as it minimizes noise and distraction that could take the attention of the child away from the book. It also provides a sense of fun that computer games or ordinary comics may be lacking.  There are two buttons on the side of the helmet allowing the user to skip through pages in the audio tracks.

Hang on, where’s the USB flash drive?

At the back of the helmet is a cute little LEGO brick. Detach it and you’ll find out that it is actually a USB LEGO flash drive that allows you to store and save new audio comic downloads. When you subscribe to the LEGO Audio Comic, you will be sent a print comic via mail, as well as an activation code that will allow you to receive the comic and download them on your USB flash drive. Plug the USB brick into the port and let the storytelling begin.

The LEGO Audio Book is perfect for young little boys and girls who are just about to start reading. Busy parents who have limited hours to teach their toddlers how to read would also benefit from this awesome gadget. And fine, it’s also ideal for adults who are just looking for cool LEGO collectibles!

What can you say about the pros and cons of this concept?  We want to hear from you!

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