RAVENAlert USB Flash Drive: Better School Security and Peace of Mind?

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Intelliguard Ravenalert USB Flash Drive

Any parent can testify that sending one’s child out into the unknown is one of the hardest yet most necessary actions they will ever take.  Particularly when a young adult is going off to college in the wake of multiple campus shootings, this is incredibly horrifying.  The IntelliGuard System can bring a good measure of peace to parents as well as safety to students through the incorporation of tried and true technology with other educational necessities.

The RAVENAlert is a campus emergency alert system which allows school officials to reach all students, faculty and staff simultaneously if there is an event of concern.  There are several ways that this is done.  There is a wall unit which is openly displayed in classrooms and dormitories.  There are also 53” LED displays for larger campus venues.  But the newest, exciting addition to the system is the RAVENAlert USB flash drive.

This USB alert system works far better than cell phones, because it uses proven technology which is capable of getting out messages to thousands simultaneously within 20 seconds.  At recent school shootings there were as many as 23 minute lapses of time between when two different students received the message.

Also, using a USB alert system is a great move toward common sense on the part of IntelliGuard Systems.  Students need flash drives every single day.  By incorporating what students need with something that can keep them protected in case of an unforeseen occurrence, it can help parents of college students everywhere sleep better at night.

The actual device is also highly functional and stylish.  The school’s logo is printed on it, and it can be attached to a backpack, keychain or lanyard with the built-in metal key ring.  There is a digital clock and it comes preloaded with all sorts of school document goodies (student handbook, course summary etc.).  It offers 4GB’s of memory and 100% security with a rechargeable battery!

What’s more is that IntelliGuard’s American Messaging Services has 30 years of experience in providing ‘first response’ systems to firemen, hospitals, and other emergency professionals.  As a result, not only are student’s getting the normal benefits of a USB flash drive, they are getting so much more.

Would you rest easier if your child’s school used RAVENAlert USB flash drives?  Tell us why or why not.

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