Kingston Wi-Drive May Help Apple User’s USB Needs

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Kingston's new Wi-Drive for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

If you’re a frequent Apple app store visitor, you’ve probably wished three things: a) you can download all the free stuff Apple has in store for you, b) you can buy all the other applications and download them on your iPhone, iPhone or iPad and, c) you have a bigger memory storage that would easily transfer all this data into your gadget. If you think about it, you can fulfill A, but only if you have fulfilled C. And you can fulfill B only if you have fulfilled C and if you have enough funds for these download. But before you sigh with frustration, Kingston has come up with a solution.

Remember how you wish you can use your USB device to store files from your Apple gadget but you can’t because the device does not have the proper USB port available? Now, say hello to the new Kingston Wi-Drive.

Global memory leader Kingston recently introduced the Wi-Drive, its latest portable device offering that’s capable of expanding the memory of your Apple devices so you can keep on storing as many documents, images, music and video files as your heart desires.

Acting as an extension of your Apple gadgets’ memory, the function of Wi-Drive is also similar to that of a USB flash drive. To start using the device, simply connect the Wi-Drive to your PC’s USB drive via the cable that comes in the Wi-Drive package. Go to the Apple Store and download the Wi-Drive app. Once you’re done downloading, you can drag and drop all your desired files from your PC to your Kingston Wi-Drive.

To use the device is like using a Wi-Fi since it functions without the need for an internet connection! Use it when you are on vacation and enjoy a wider selection of audio and video files. You can also wirelessly manage your documents and media files without the need to carry a netbook or laptop. Listen to the same playlist as other friends whom you can share access with to the Wi-Drive.

Boasting great functionality including storage expansion and reliable file sharing, the Wi-Drive is perfect for all Apple fanatics who just can’t get enough of their iPods, iPads and iPhones. The device is extremely portable being pocket-sized (dimensions: 121.5mm x 61.8mm x 9.8mm). It is ideal for users who travel frequently, especially those who spend hours riding in a vehicle.

Though if you’re a hardcore technophile, you may find the Wi-Drive similar to GoFlex Satellite, a wireless external storage that’s meant for iOS just the same. However, the GoFlex Satellite, being an external drive, has much larger storage capabilities at 500GB compared to Kingston Wi-Drive’s 16GB and 32GB offerings. It’s also slightly more expensive at $200 while the latter’s 16GB is approximated at $130 and the 32GB for $175.

Now, we know you’ll probably be having a hard time deciding on which to choose. Which do you think will serve its purpose better? Is it the GoFlex’s high memory capacity or the Wi-Drive’s extreme portability?   We’re torn just the same!

Nevertheless, it certainly seems like there’s a growing trend in wireless memory storage for Apple. If Apple won’t integrate a USB connection, other manufacturers seem to find a way to use it.

Thoughts?  Tell us how you feel about wireless storage like the Kingston Wi-Drive.

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