Cryptex USB Flash Drive Draws Inspiration from Literature, Steampunk

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Cryptex Steampunk USB Flash Drive

At first glance the Cryptex looks like anything but a USB drive. A key, a whistle, even a bullet came to mind.  After all, it takes its name straight from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, which described these devices as secret little vaults of information.

Created by a Russian designer that goes by the name “Tarator,” the Cryptex flash drive (Warning: Russian) concept’s steampunk design brings a digital flair to Brown’s idea by utilizing a complex five–wheel combination lock sleeve which appears to add an extra layer of protection to complement a drive’s hardware or software security.  With a five digit password, you could end up creating one of more than 59,000 combinations.

Tarator uses AutoCAD, which is drafting software that helps users render two dimensional and three dimensional designs to bring out that High Renaissance or Victorian aesthetic.  Approximately five basic parts comprise the outer shell.  Next, the components of the flash drive body were laser cut and cast in brass.

While this flash drive concept is sure to capture your imagination (can’t you just picture it in Sherlock Holmes’ arsenal?), it is not equipped with any outstanding specifications to match.  No password protection, no biometrics.  What you end up with is simply a really cool, covet-worthy design—an ordinary flash drive dressed up in extraordinary brass makeup.

Before you look for purchasing information, let us reiterate that the Cryptex USB flash drive is merely a design. For Victorian and stempunk fans out there, you can only hope that the gadget’s Russian creator will mass produce it, or if anything, inspire some copycats.

Do you own a steampunk flash drive?  What type of security features would you like to have in a USB gadget like this?  Talk to us below!

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  1. erik says:

    what would this thing cost (cryptex usb 2-8 gb) cost if you count with the shipping to sweden.

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