Paraben’s Chat Stick USB Flash Drive: Squashing Secret Rendezvous?

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Paraben Chat Stick USB Chat Logger

No place is safe to communicate all of those illicit plans that some spouses, employees and teens are plotting to carry out, not even on Internet chat such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype and MSN, among others.  It once was that this was a digital haven to plan and explore devious mischief because no history was kept of the conversations, but not anymore.  Thanks to Paraben’s Chat Stick, online conversations can be discovered and foiled far in advance!

This device looks like a regular, run of the mill USB flash drive, but its ulterior motive is its primary purpose; to reveal secret conversations. No one will ever know what the Chat Stick user is up to…unless they read the title ‘Chat Stick’ printed in big letters right on the drive, that is.

In all seriousness, the Paraben Chat Stick certainly has some key advantages to tout, but it also has some pretty controversial methods. The concept makes it super easy to straddle the fence on whether it is actually ethical to use or not

Paraben claims that this USB chat logger is essential in today’s home and work place because messaging is now essential.  While Instant Messenger can be a great benefit to both worlds, it can also bring anything from great danger to minor inconveniences when misused.  As a result, Paraben seems to be playing on deep seated fears and encourages every parent, employer or significant other to have their own custom USB flash drive especially to spy on other’s chats.

On the other side of that coin, however, is the simple fact that it is indeed a major invasion of another’s privacy to spy on their instant messaging lives.  Who says that we have the right to do it?  At what point do the ends quit justifying the means?  That is a splendidly difficult question to answer.

Furthermore, is it just a stupid device meant to exploit people’s innate paranoia of another individual hurting them, their wallet or those that they love?  Or, is it really a gadget that can help to keep business in the office, children safe and partner’s on the level?  In all honesty, you could answer yes to both of those questions.

On the one hand, Paraben’s USB 2.0 Chat Stick can absolutely reveal any plots sorted out through revealing another’s chat log.  Or it can reveal that the kids are really talking about SpongeBob and the husband is honestly having a heated debate over fantasy football.  It seems to really do what it says it will do, just as its siblings , iRecovery, Porn Stick and Phone Stick do.  The question each individual must answer is whether or not it should.


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One Response to Paraben’s Chat Stick USB Flash Drive: Squashing Secret Rendezvous?

  1. Hans Maulwurf says:

    “Or, is it really a gadget that can help to keep business in the office, children safe and partner’s on the level?”

    I don’t think so because one key element of all relationships is trust. And children should better be taught any risks of using the Internet directly.

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