Kingston DataTraveler D6000 Offers Portable Security

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Kingston Technology DataTraveler D6000 USB Flash Drive

Certainly, no one wants his or her personal information broken into or hacked, even if it isn’t that important.  However, there is some data that can be quite damaging in the event that it is somehow lost or stolen.  Unfortunately, there are many financial organizations and governmental agencies that have experienced just this problem through the loss of a USB flash drive.  That is why Kingston is continually addressing and updating the USB security features that they offer.  They have done just that with the USB 2.0 compatible Kingston DataTraveler D6000 USB flash drive.

The Ponemon Institute has estimated that nearly half of surveyed organizations have indeed lost data of a confidential or sensitive nature through flash drives.  We, the people, ought to be terrified by the prospect that on average there are approximately 12,000 customer files lost per establishment.  That is why a thoroughly secure USB flash drive is incredibly crucial to the organizations that have and use our personal records.

The DT6000 handles this potentially critical situation by offering protection in abundance.  Although the average Joe can certainly purchase one of these thumb drives, which use military grade elliptic curve cryptography; they are primarily designed for the government and financial institutions.  It advertises a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation and also uses XTS block cipher mode.  This provides far better protection than either CBC or EBC modes.

There are some great features that go along with the DataTraveler D6000, and these indicate the seriousness with which these devices are used.  For instance, passwords are not stored on either the drive or the host system.  Remembering one’s extensive password (a certain strength is required in order for a password to be accepted) is very important because after 10 wrong password guesses the mechanism is locked and the encryption key demolished.

Also, it can function with or without AutoRun.  Even beyond this, the DT6000’s rugged design helps to protect sensitive information from those of us who might accidentally drop it in water or subject it to physical damage.  It has a titanium-coated stainless steel casing, and is also completely resistant to water up to 4 feet deep.

Protection of this magnitude does cost a pretty penny, but the people who it is targeted toward already spend millions a year on this sort of safeguard.  A 2GB drive is $100, 4GB is $116, 8GB is $147 and 16GB is $208—a small price to pay for the security of the DataTraveler D6000.

What are your thoughts on USB flash drive security?  Do you think this new DataTraveler is a wise investment?

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2 Responses to Kingston DataTraveler D6000 Offers Portable Security

  1. Marcio says:

    I don’t understand… Now that things are well going into the new 3.0 USB, Kingston launches a 2.0 USB? If 3.0 wasn’t back compatible with the former version, then it would be Ok – but it is…

  2. Charles says:

    If it was 3.0 I would be ready to purchase it but what’s the point in getting 2.0 when 3.0 is prevalent and cheap with a significant performance increase?

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