PlugBug: One USB Charger for Your Apple Gadgets

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PlugBug USB Charger Mac Apple

You have your iPod, iPad and MacBooks with you and you’re more than ready to be the next Apple fanatic. Then it hits you. What if you’re about to go on an adventure of a lifetime and realized you have limited baggage allowance on the aircraft? Of course you wanted to bring all your Apple gadgets but are you sure you want to carry all those chargers with you, too? What if you needed to charge them all quickly?

When you’re one of the growing 189 million Apple iOs users right now, chances are you have more than one Apple gadget with you. You have no problem using them all at the same time but when they all run out of battery, it would be ideal to charge them simultaneously.

The PlugBug USB Charger made by TwelveSouth is a small adapter that attaches to your Apple notebook (MacBook, Air and Pro) while also making available a USB charger capable of juicing your iPhone or iPad.

So is it another charger? Yes, but not just any ordinary one.

The iPad USB Charger combines all your chargers into one compact USB power adapter. If you’re a constant traveler, this TwelveSouth innovation can be your constant companion.

The PlugBug offers full power to your iPhone as well as your iPad even when the latter actually requires twice the power. The power adapter can charge your iPad four times faster than from a USB connection. That is because the device is able to provide 10 watts and 2.1 amps of power to give way to quick charging. You may think you can always charge your iOs device via your MacBook’s USB but that wouldn’t be as fast as charging it with the PlugBug.

So if you really need three gadgets plugged in at the same time, just picture your iPad and Macbook charging through this iPad charger, and then your iPod charging via USB to your Macbook!

What is unbelievable about this is that TwelveSouth was actually able to make its own rendition of MagSafe, which used to be the only way you can charge your MacBook Air. Now you can bring all your gadgets together without worrying which one should be charged first when needed.

Now, here’s the coolest part if you’re traveling from abroad. This new USB technology can convert your AC adapter (three prong or other types of plugs) to North American plug.

Unfortunately for TwelveSouth, the Lenovo Power Hub is a formidable rival. So if you were looking for an alternative charger, would you go for a name like TwelveSouth or a name like Lenovo? Go ahead and juxtapose the two!

The red and white PlugBug is sold for $34.99.

Would the PlugBug make your Mac-centric life easier?  Talk to us!

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