Mimoco Adds Versatile USB Storage Devices To Lineup

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Mimomicro USB Drive: StarWars

The past six years or so has witnessed a creativity boost to the memory world with Mimoco USB flash drives. These are licensed thumb drive sculptures of some of our favorite iconic characters. From Hello Kitty to Batman, Mimoco may typically charge just a little more for the quirkiness of products that are so geeky that they’re cool. Now they are moving forward and evolving with technology demands to bring about Mimomicro.

Not only are these Mimomicro devices capable of typical USB thumb drive data storage, they also act as SD card readers. At CES 2012, Mimoco flaunted these new products with fan favorite Star Wars and DC characters. Versatility is at the essence of these Mimomicro gadgets. They can transport data easily and quickly between many of our generation’s electronic devices while having the ability to store up to 32GB’s worth of information.

Mimoco CEO Evan Blaustein asserts that this new product offering “taps into the growing usage of mobile memory solutions.”

Consequently, the Mimomicro USB/SD card reader combo allows for data storage and data transfer between e-readers, smartphones, cameras, tablets and computers.

The devices are very small at 1.6” X 1” and are going to be available as several different characters to the public at select retailers and through Mimoco’s website in March. Each USB flash drive offers a cap-free design, which can eliminate any innate fears of having only half of Wonder Woman or Chewbacca at any given time. Other DC comic characters available initially include Superman and Batman. Millennium Falcon, C-3PO and, of course, Darth Vader are the first to be presented from the Star Wars epic saga.

Uber-geekness has definitely reached an all-time high with Mimoco’s Mimomicro products leading the way. Currently, prices have yet to be divulged, but collectors are going to want to get their hands on all of them to enhance their prized compendia. Kudos to Mimoco, who are moving through 2012 with more adaptable flash memory products that also leave a goofy grin on the face of all who come into contact with them (except Star Trek fans, naturally).

What do you think about the Mimomicro’s flash drive, SD card concept? Would you use it? Weigh in below.

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