USB Stick May Unlock Key To DNA Detection For Cosmetics Testing

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USB DNA Detector Genonyx Genalysis

Despite the growing number of technologies emerging today that enable DNA detection, the price of getting DNA tests is still beyond reach in many cases. But DNA Electronics had better plans when it inked an agreement with geneOnyx to introduce a breakthrough technology that is not only affordable but also provides on-the-spot results via a USB stick!

DNA testing seems to be a growing trend in USB technology. AllUSB first reported about the MINion USB, which can sequence simple genomes of bacteria and viruses in just seconds.

Now, UK’s DNA Electronics, a developer of semiconductor solutions for real-time DNA and RNA detection, teams up with geneOnyx, to allow it to use the former’s Genalysis technology platform for DNA analysis. According to the agreement, DNA Electronics will supply geneOnyx with Genalysis to be used in consumer cosmetics and skincare market as a true sample-to-answer DNA method without the need to work in a laboratory.

The Genalysis system is a totally wicked USB DNA detector. It provides real-time, lab-free results for nucleic acid testing in 30 minutes with just a simple processing kit and interchangeable test cartridges that are plugged into a USB stick.

With geneOnyx, what happens is a three way step wherein Genalysis processes a saliva sample, using the kit and the CMOS-based test cartridge. The test cartridge amplifies and detects DNA traces once it is plugged into the USB drive. The CMOS microchip is responsible for the fast, multiplexed nucleic acid tests that can be done in just about half an hour.

DNA has been found of great importance in determining how the skin will react to active product ingredients. Once DNA has been detected by Genalysis, geneOnyx will base its recommendations of the right skincare and cosmetic products based on the individual’s DNA results. Plus with geneOnyx’s cloud-based system, there is simply no need to go through a traditional lab for analysis.

This new innovation is definitely something to look out for, and is expected to open more opportunities in both medical and non-medical markets. In fact, DNA Electronics is now even more open to working with clients who are thinking of seeking the help of Genalysis for their business needs. Aside from the USB DNA detection, Genalysis has been known for its contributions to infection screening and personalized medicine.

USB technology has once again been a great contributor to another breakthrough product for consumers and we look forward to a thousand more products in the next decades. What do you think is next for USB? Don’t forget to share your comments below!

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