Did You Know? You Are a Walking USB Connector!

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Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg unveiled his company’s “Connected Me” technology at CES this January to a not-so-impressed audience. The deceptively awesome technology may not have been given its due credit at the presentation. What is astounding is that “Connected Me” has the ability to use your body to transmit data between electronic devices – that’s right – all it takes is you touching two devices. Look at this video where Vestberg showcases the technology.

He has connected a transmitter to a smartphone, and a receiver to a pair of speakers. Once he touches plates connected to the transmitter with one hand and the receiver with the other, his body acts as a conductor and transmits signals (that are very weak and harmless) from the smartphone to the speakers and you can hear the song from the phone.
The reason the audience was unimpressed with the technology was probably because they did not fully understand the practical possibilities that would emerge with the “Connected Me” technology. Imagine keeping your smartphone in your pocket while you touch your laptop to transfer files, touch a projector to do a slideshow in meetings, touch a printer to print out files for you from the phone — the possibilities are endless. Ericsson explains that this technology uses a technique called ‘capacitive coupling’ making use of the natural electric properties of the human body to conduct digital information.

Arun Bhiksheswaran, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company expects the technology to be commercial in a year. He has also pointed out that the company is not yet sure of all the possible applications of the technology and is currently toying with an idea of using the technology as the new biometric footprint, since all human bodies posses unique energy signatures.

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