ADATA Brings Designer USB Colors with DashDrive UV110 Series

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ADATA DashDrive UV110 Colorful Flash Drives

In order to be competitive in the flash drive industry, companies not only focus on the performance specifications but also the aesthetic value of their products. Today, the demand is for colorful gadgets. ADATA’s new line of colorful USB drives, DashDrive UV110, opens up the market with not just bright, but designer colors.

ADATA Technology is one of the leading providers of DRAM modules, USB Flash Drives and other memory solutions. The DashDrive UV110 set of designer colored USB flash drives was created to change the perception of USB gadgets as plain and boring. And they are targeted to women who want to have matching shoes, handbag, and USB drive. Thus, these drives are made available in royal blue, floral white, light pink and saddle brown. In a market heavily dominated by men, ADATA is setting itself apart with up-to-date color tones and a sleek design that appeals to people who want more than simply another mundane tech device. They want a complete look and feel from their office, to their outfit, to their flash drive.

These USB flash drives sport a capless design that features a handy slider mechanism on the side of its housing, keeping the retractable USB connector safe and secured. The flash drive’s hard impact plastic housing provides a slim and compact design with dimensions 2.7 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches, weighing only about 11 grams. The design integrates a small hole that can be used for chains or lanyards which allows users to easily carry the flash drives around for their daily data storage needs.

The DashDrive UV110 USB flash drive ensures convenient plug and play use. The device runs on a USB 2.0 interface and provides a wide selection of storage volumes at 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities. It is compatible with almost all Windows version – Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The device is also compatible with Mac OS 9.0 and Linux: Kernel 2.4, including later versions of both OS with no additional device driver needed. Most importantly, the product is covered with a lifetime warranty.

DashDrive UV110 is backed up with a good reputation that ADATA has established in the industry. There is no pricing available at this time.

Would you get one of these colorful drives? Why or why not? Make sure to share your thoughts!

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