NetGear A6200 Wi-Fi USB adapter: A First in the Market

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How does a Wi-Fi USB adapter stand in a market almost exclusively promoting wireless internet connection? Although not yet finalized, IEEE is working on the last few details of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, also called the “gigabit Wi-Fi”, which will have the capability of providing significantly quicker data transfer speeds compared to the present 802.11n standard. Certain devices are taking advantage of this highly advanced Wi-Fi standard, and one of them is NetGear’s A6200 USB adapter.

NetGear, a market leader in electronic device manufacturing, launches the first 802.11ac dual band 5G Wi-Fi USB adapter, called the NetGear A6200 Wi-Fi adapter. The Wi-Fi adapter is capable of speeds ranging up to 900Mbps, double the speed of USB 2.0 bandwidth and the older adapters running on 802.11n three stream MIMO connections. The adapter also sports an eye-catching swivel antenna design, allowing for a more flexible positioning on your desktop computer or your laptop.

Other than the sleek design and the evident speed boost, when compared to the previous 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter technologies, the fact that NetGear A6200 is the first of its kind is quite notable.

Along with the A6200, NetGear also makes way for its R2000 router and its R6300 router, which claims to be capable of Wi-Fi speeds reaching up to 1750 Mbps. Until there are laptops that are integrated with the 802.11ac standards, in order to maximize the functions of the A6200 device running on 802.11ac standard, and to support until four wired clients in a single location, NetGear suggests that it needs to be paired up with routers with the same backwards compatibility from 2.4 Ghz 802.11n up to 802.11b, such as the R2000 and R6300, and configure it as an 802.11ac wireless bridge. The Broadcom chipset used by NetGear allows the devices to be more sensitive to incoming signals, making the router deliver a better range because the receiver can pick signals at longer distances.

The A6200 wireless adapter is sold for around $70, and its compatible routers R2000 and R6300 at $180 and $200, respectively. This advanced wireless connection technology that is the NetGear’s A6200 Wi-Fi adapter is something worth thinking through and considering in the wireless connection market, would you agree? Let your thoughts be heard!

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