Great New AViiQ 3-in-1 Quick Change Universal Dock Adapter

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AViiQ Releases 3-in-1 USB Adapter

With all of the innovative and remarkable portable gadgets that are available on the market, it is a delight to know that you can connect most (if not all) of them to your laptop. Especially if you’re a person that enjoys being on the go, being able to charge your phone, camera and tablet using your laptop is an undeniable convenience for those that aren’t near a power outlet and can spare you from the inconvenience and frustration of having a dead battery on the device that you heavily rely on. Additionally, being able to access files on your portable devices, such as custom usb drives and promotional usb flash drives helps you become as mobile as your devices.

The 3-in-1 Universal Dock Adapter USB Mini Cable AViiQ is a pioneering product that makes that jumbled assortment of USB cables a thing of the past. One end fits into your computer’s USB port while the other end contains three different USB connectors: a mini USB connector, a micro USB connector and a 30-pin iPhone/iPad/iPad dock connector.  At 5.5 inches and made of ABS/TPU, this is something that will definitely not get twisted up and destroyed if you toss it into your bag; additionally, its unique clip feature makes it easy to adhere to your pocket or the side of your bag for easy access.

However, each mobile device comes with its own USB cable. Even if you’re the type of person that pledges allegiance to a particular electronics brand, it is probable that you’ll still have another gadget that requires its own USB cable: for example, iOS devices are popular but their 30-pin connectors do not accommodate any other products that aren’t from Apple, therefore it is impossible for you to transfer pictures from your digital camera using an Apple dock cable.

It’s also a bit of a hassle having to handle even one cable – it’s recommended that you coil it carefully when it’s not in use, but in reality, most of us throw it into our bags where it gets twisted and damaged. Even if you are one of the fastidious few that do take the time to coil your cables, it is a slight annoyance having to look after a myriad of cables when there is an innovative way for you to bypass all of that hassle.

Why struggle with having to carry all of those USB cables when you have one device that combines them all in the sleek and handy 3-in-1 Universal Dock Adapter USB Mini Cable? This product is definitely the way forward for making you and your mobile devices more mobile.

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