Boost Computer Power with the SanDisk ReadyCache SSD

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If you’re looking to boost your desktop’s performance without replacing it with a brand new one, SanDisk has viable and attractive option for you. Conscious of the fact that not all consumers have money ready to plunk down on new machines, the company announced the release of a caching solution it developed to solve speed performance problems associated with old technology. The SanDisk ReadyCache Solution’s main job is to boost a desktop’s booting and application launching times, but it also turbocharges other areas of your PC’s performance.

Described by SanDisk in a recent press release as a cost-effective, easy-to-install SSD caching solution, the ReadyCache Solution is essentially a kit consisting of a 32 GB solid-state drive and SanDisk’s ExpressCache software. It’s relatively easy to install, since the SSD drive doesn’t need to replace any of the original hard drives in your system, making it easy to retain options and preferences that have long been set. To put the advanced caching solution into action, you only need to install the SSD beside your hard drive, download the ExpressCache software from SanDisk’s website, and then install the software. When the setup is complete, the caching system, which automatically manages data to improve performance, and your newly-improved, SSD-powered desktop are ready to go.

According to SanDisk, the caching solution improves both booting and application launching times. Booting your drive may only take moments; since the solution provides a speed boost four times faster than if your desktop was running on only one hard drive. Application launching times experience more impressive improvement; launches are about twelve times faster than normal, ideal for gaming and multimedia. To sweeten the deal, the ReadyCache Solution, unlike most other SSD caching, supports RAID system configurations and high-capacity hard drives, giving you freedom in the way you handle your data storage.

But before you make the decision to purchase the SanDisk ReadyCache Solution, make sure that your desktop is running on Windows 7. Using the caching solution for older operating systems may yield no performance improvements. Other than that, what SanDisk has done is provide a convenient way to boost your desktop’s performance on a budget. The SanDisk ReadyCache Solution is available at for roughly $65 and comes with a three-year warranty.

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