FlixChip: USB Drives Now with Movies!

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The entertainment industry is currently going through some definite changes in the way content, particularly films, and TV series are being distributed. With the advent of UltraViolet, accessing content over a wireless network with multiple devices is now possible. FlixChip’s contribution aims to push consumers into a new type of portable distribution: the pre-loaded USB flash drive. A startup company focused on delivering entertainment through the smallest, fastest, and user-friendly means, FlixChip has announced the Muvichip, a USB drive loaded with film content and a magnetic credit card-sized “chip.”

To successfully deliver on its promise for pre-loaded content, FlixChip signed a deal with Film Chest Media Group, which possesses one of the largest entertainment libraries globally. As part of the content deal, FlixChip’s Muvichip, which is set for release sometime this year (most likely for the holidays), will offer all titles owned by the Film Chest Media Group. The California-based company is currently in talks with four influential film studios and a few independent ones for content licensing for Muvichips. If the deals go through like the one with Film Chest Media Group, the Muvichip is looking at the potential of becoming a major content delivery platform. And with the gradual obsolescence optical media and drives is experiencing, it’s likely that the Muvichip will usher in the next stage in the physical distribution of film and game content. According to CEO and founder John Strisower, FlixChip would very much welcome that opportunity.

Manufacturing of the Muvichip is underway in order to catch up with its official launch within the year. The product will be priced competitively against Blu-ray, going toe-to-toe with the optical format. As a bonus, the content loaded on FlixChip USBs will be UltraViolet-compatible. Platform support for this year will cover Apple, Android, and PC devices with an expansion of platform support occurring sometime in 2013.

For the meantime, only Amazon will be offering Muvichip-compatible content for sale, but FlixChip has plans to sign on retailers and other online stores beginning 2013. Muvifi, Muvichip’s companion device, will also be on offer. The device will allow users to transmit content to a maximum of five Wi-Fi devices and will retail at $35.

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