See The Memory In The Kingmax Intros UI-05 USB Flash Drive with Glass Ceiling

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Known among the flash memory technology storage companies as one of the companies who continually innovate and consistently come up with world’s first products, Kingmax has introduced the UI-05, the first ever USB flash drive with a glass ceiling. Encased using a sturdy metal casing, the USB 2.0 flash drive is dust-proof and waterproof (maybe not enough be taken for a swim, but enough to withstand occasional drops of liquid). The flash drive’s glass ceiling allows users to peer into the casing and admire the inner workings of the drive.

The Kingmax UI-05 is a Chip-On-Board, or COB, type of USB flash drive. The drive is outfitted with a couple of innovative features that help the flash drive reveal its inner construction through the glass ceiling. Included is imBGA engineering, which permits the glass on the top portion of the drive to shows the flash chip and wire-bonding structure inside the flash drive. Another is the blue LED light installed at one end, which blinks according to the drive’s working status and as a gentle reminder not to forget the drive. Kingmax also developed its own package technology for the UI-05 in order to achieve even more technological innovation.

The USB flash drive comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB storage capacities. The UI-05 also comes with a five-year warranty to ensure long service. Though the focus on this new Kingmax drive is mainly on its glass ceiling, it’s worth mentioning that the UI-05 exhibits one more positive attribute: its size. The flash drive is diminutive. It’s only 42 mm long, 12 mm wide and 4.5 mm thick, making it extremely portable. It’s a good thing that Kingmax designed a loop into the flash drive. A lanyard or key ring through it should keep users from losing the drive and their data along with it.

For now, the only apparent drawback about the drive is that it doesn’t have USB 3.0 support. Kingmax has not yet released a suggested retail price for the USB flash drive, and it’s also not known when Kingmax plans to release the UI-05 to the market.

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