DropBox USB from iTwin

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Your favorite online storage system has just gotten better.

DropBox has made it extremely convenient for its users to access their files from any computer. All that’s needed are an internet connection and an account with the file syncing service, and you’ve unlocked a relatively worry-free world of easy data access and sharing. But for those looking to boost DropBox’s decent security, the iTwin SecureBox should take care of the job nicely. This is a unique USB device whose security protection is geared specifically toward DropBox.

Catering to DropBox users who want to increase file security by coupling it with hardware, the iTwin SecureBox automatically encrypts sensitive data and stores it in two USB flash drives that can be connected and separated from each other. What you have at the end are two secure USB drives carrying your data around. The iTwin drives are set up by connecting them to each other then plugging one end into your laptop’s USB port. Once your computer recognizes the drive unit, a pre-loaded program in the USB will install it into the computer and will link the drives to your DropBox account by placing a SecureBox folder within your DropBox folder.

After the installation, the iTwin works just like a standard flash drive. Drag and drop your sensitive DropBox files into the drive, and it will automatically encrypt those files (using 256-bit AES encryption) and resend them to the DropBox folder (with file names obfuscated for additional security). If you want to get a hold of the original file, just reverse the steps of the encryption process.

The iTwin SecureBox takes away any concerns about security when using DropBox. The cloud storage service has a good built-in security system in itself, but the iTwin should dispel any lingering thoughts for users concerned about possible tampering of their important files. With the iTwin, users can share away the contents of their DropBox without.

Another facet of the drive’s security features is that DropBox users who you share your files to won’t be able to access files encrypted using iTwin, unless they possess one of the two iTwin USBs, which can also be password protected. Though you can actually encrypt your DropBox files and save some cash, nothing beats the convenience and cool factor that comes with the iTwin. The iTwin SecureBox will set you back $99 and is now available at Amazon.com and iTwin.com.

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