Simpsons Custom Shape USB Drives

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In today’s market, there’s a flash drive for every type of consumer imaginable. There’s the rugged outdoors person who needs a USB drive that’s just as tough and weathered as he is. There’s the businessman who prefers flash drives to be a mix of suaveness and practicality. And then there’s the novelty collector who chooses USBs based on their nostalgic qualities, bringing back childhood days with characters from the past. USB Tribe’s recent release caters specially to the novelty collector with its new line of The Simpsons keychain custom shape USB drives.

Tribe’s Simpsons line of keychain USB flash drives are not really sold for their performance, but instead for their novelty. That’s pretty much understood. The characters in the flash drive line are Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Homer. Each character from the famed television series is manufactured out of soft rubber, the larger-in-proportion heads functioning simultaneously as the main design bearer and the location of the USB connector. If you want to use the drive, just take off the rubber head to reveal the USB connector. So you don’t lose the cap, the flash drive also has a cap holder to keep things organized and all parts intact. Consumers don’t have a choice in storage capacity, since there is only one option: 8 GB of storage.

Additionally, the Simpsons flash drives support USB 2.0 (and USB 1.1, thanks to USB 2.0’s backward compatibility). The USBs’ platform compatibility is fairly standard. They are compatible with Windows, starting from XP and going on to later versions; Mac, from OS 9.1X to later versions; and Linux Kernel, from 2.4 to later versions.

Since USB Tribe is an Italian company, the Simpsons line of flash drives is not yet available. There’s no concrete release date for the start of sale in the United States, but that should come soon. For people like me who already want to get their hands on a Simpsons drive, we are going to have to order directly from Italy. The USB Tribe Simpsons flash drives are available at the company’s online store. Retail price for one flash drive is about $25.

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