Flash Memory Achievement with 1 Petabyte of Data Transferred

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Here comes another achievement from a world-renowned digital storage company.

Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. is one of the leading companies when it comes to sustainable storage that’s also low in cost when compared to competitors. This past week, the company announced that it has reached a personal milestone by having shipped out more than a petabyte –that’s 1,024 terabytes — of flash memory during the month of December 2012. The news marks a huge improvement of sales for Nimbus Data Systems, a 415% increase for the company when compared to figures from 2011.

The majority of Nimbus Data’s petabyte of flash memory sales was in the form of the company’s Gemini flash memory array, a product that conglomerates top-quality performance, storage density, and power efficiency. Founder and CEO Thomas Isakovich is enthusiastic about the milestone, stating that flash technology is becoming the top preference when it comes to storage and that Nimbus Data’s technology is at the forefront, leading with experience. According to Isakovich, innovations initiated by the company will cause more people to adapt their products and may just cause a shift in the storage industry market, one that will largely favor Nimbus Data.

Nimbus Data offers fully flash arrays that surpass the capabilities of hard disk arrays. As a result of superior engineering, these flash memory arrays are providing the adequate power demands required by today’s server and desktop virtualizations, next-generation cloud systems, and other web-scale applications. The company’s Gemini flash memory array line boasts being the first all-flash array that can last for 10 years while using reasonably priced multi-level cell (MLC) flash technology. This particular Nimbus Data line is known for its lack of single-point-of-failures and integrated storage and data protection software, providing a mix of durability, reliability, and product value that many consumers and businesses demand and long for.

Nimbus Data’s petabyte accomplishment is just one of the many successes for the company in recent memory. Just last year, the Gemini system qualified as a Finalist for SearchStorage.com’s 2012 Product of the Year. Additionally, Nimbus Data was dubbed a “Trend Setter” by Enterprise Storage Vendor Landscape Report.

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