Kopi KBAR USB Power Strip Reviewed

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Have you ever been disappointed about the amount of time it takes to charge your portable USB gadgets? It can all be ascribed to your device not receiving enough power from the charger. And as chargers go, only a few give you the option to adjust the amount of wattage coming through that’s responsible for charging up your smartphone, tablet, portable music player, or whatnot. Kopi’s KBAR USB Power Strip was designed to deal with this particular issue. With the USB power strip, users can use a switch to adjust wattage levels, providing the optimal conditions for charging your gadgets.

The Kopi KBAR Power Strip works just like a surge protector, but it’s also designed to handle things that ordinary surge protectors are incapable of. The Kopi KBAR possesses three AC outlets for plugging in gadgets that come with their own AC chargers. In addition, the power strip also includes two 21-watt/5-volt USB charging ports. The KBAR wins some extra points with how its AC outlets are spaced. The most common problem with standard surge protectors is that the outlets are spaced too close to each other. As a result, one outlet gets blocked and becomes unusable when you plug in one of the larger plugs. With the KBAR, the problem is nonexistent, since the spaces between the outlets provide enough room for those brick-sized plugs.

The Kopi KBAR’s most prominent feature is its K SWITCH. Specially designed by Kopi for the KBAR under a patent, the K SWITCH allows users to charge a variety of gadgets according to or as close as possible to the amount of current needed. It revolves around providing the maximum speed for each device, ensuring that they reach a fully charged state in a timely manner.

The Kopi KBAR USB Power Strip offers compatibility for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPads, iPhones, and iPods. It can be purchased through the official Kopi website for about $60 and is backed by a one-year warranty. If you’re the type to fuss over aesthetics, the KBAR comes decorated with accents in a variety of colors, namely aluminum orange, purple, black, and pink (among others).

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  1. Travis Shingledecker says:

    I am opening a bar and would like a power strip to run underneath my bar top. it is a total of 40 feet long with two 45 degree turns. are you able to supply me with a continuous strip made with usb and 110v outlets alternating or side by side? If this is something you can do please leave me with the following

    – how long it will take for me to receive the product.

    -the cost

    -how i would be supplying the current. (straight for fuse panel, pluging into another outlet.)


    travis shingledecker

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