Arkami’s myIDkey Fingerprint USB Flash Drive

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Fingerprint-scanning and voice-activated — sounds like something you either only see in the movies or are known to exist for people with top secret access in government spy agencies. Very James Bond. But in certain pages of Kickstarter (where extraordinary techie project proposals lurk), there exists the myIDkey, a USB ID drive that provides access through fingerprints and brings up data by voice command.

Developed by the company Arkami, the myIDkey’s features line up perfectly with what most people associate with a high-tech USB gadget. The USB drive can store important files, passwords, and ideas and protect it with a fingerprint scanner that responds only to the flash drive’s user. Arkami developed the myIDkey primarily to address the most common problem that comes with passwords: too many people repeat passwords for multiple accounts or use easy ones just to remember all of them properly.

With the Arkami myIDkey, the problem of remembering all your passwords becomes a non-issue. The flash drive can keep as many passwords, accounts, files, photos, and videos as its storage capacity can accommodate. To operate it, swipe your finger across the scanner to unlock it then dictate a command for the information you want the drive to retrieve. The Arkami myIDkey features an LED screen on one side that lets you read this information right away. It even comes with an app that you can download on your smartphone, so you can access the data on the flash drive from that device.

If you don’t want to trouble with calling up your password on the myIDkey then typing it in manually on your computer, you can plug the ID USB drive into a port (make sure it’s unlocked first) and have the device automatically fill in your password in the necessary fields. It doesn’t get more convenient and stress-free than that.

One other outstanding feature of the Arkami myIDkey is that it has a self-destruct mode that deletes all data on it when the scanner reads the incorrect finger swipe too many times. That’s smart hardware protection in the case of theft or accidental loss. If either of those two incidents does happen, rest assured that it’s possible to restore all the lost data in a new key.

To get your hands on the myIDkey, just head to Kickstarter and pledge $99.

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