Orobis Transforming Lightning/Micro-USB Cable Reviewed

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Cars that can turn themselves into robots are cool. But what about cables whose ends can transform from micro-USB to Lightning? That is also cool and has the added advantage of being REAL! That’s just what Orobis is offering. Though still waiting for the switch from idea to production reality, the Orobis Transforming Lightning/Micro-USB cable promises less hassle for users who own not only an iOS device, like an iPhone or iPad, but also a phone that uses a micro-USB connection, like ANY OTHER SMARTPHONE.

The Orobis Transforming Lightning/Micro-USB cable (or simply, the Orobis Transform) does, in reality, take its inspiration from Transformers. The cable, which as of now continues to wait for enough funds over at Indigogo (a site reminiscent of Kickstarter), would be a 2-in-1 deal that hopefully pushes through. (The project still needs some $20,000 to become a reality.) So, what makes Orobis’s cable so special, if there are already tons of cables in the market that are 2-in-1 and more? As with all things meant to attract consumers, it’s all about design. And it’s Orobis’s design that puts the Transforming Lightning/Micro-USB cable leagues away from its realized counterparts. Orobis’s Lightning cable stashes the micro-USB cable within it. If you have to use the micro-USB connection for a gadget, all you do is slide the small latch that locks the two parts together, fold the Lightning part out of the way, and plug in the micro-USB port into your gadget.

As of now, the company possesses a fully functioning prototype of the 2-in-1 cable. It’s ready to hit its first production run with a total of 100,000 units, provided that enough money is obtained for the project through Indigogo. Interested consumers are encouraged to pledge at least $18 for the cable. Pledging even just at the minimum will already guarantee you an Orbis transform cable in either black or white. Once the transforming cable accomplishes its first production run and gets released into the market, retail price will be set at $29.99. So, if you’re a user always troubled by the amount of inconvenience caused by a tangle of cables, invest in the Orbis Transforming Lightning/Micro-USB cable for a chance to rid your worries once and for all.

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