PowerPot Now Available for Cooking Up Electricity

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A year ago, we were excited to see the evolution of the PowerPot, mobile USB powering device that did not require electricity input. The project was crowd-funded on Kickstarter and has now been picked up by Sportsman’s Warehouse retailer and is on track to be available through many more retail outlets. While many campers and outdoorsmen will find it useful out in wilderness, it also may provide a necessary resource in emergency situations, when catastraphe strikes and mobile phones might be the only way to contact the connected world.

The popular new product has received critical acclaim. GearJunkie listed it in their top gear picks of 2012, and the Da Vinci Institute named it their 2012 Invention of the Year. To boot, the PowerPot is now making its retail debut in several stores and chains across the United States. On extended adventures, keeping these devices charged is a real challenge. That’s why Power Practical has developed the PowerPot, a lightweight generator that doubles as a mess-kit.

Last week, Power Practical announced a new retail partnership with Sportsman’s Warehouse, who will begin to stock the device in its retail outlets. This is the first of many retail chains that will be supplying the PowerPot, says CEO of Power Practical Matt Ford. “Sportsman’s Warehouse is our first big-box on the retail front, but certainly not the last. We’re working on establishing relationships with distributors and retail franchises in every corner of the US,” said Ford.

The PowerPot uses solid-state thermoelectric technology to convert heat into electricity with no moving parts. It requires a temperature difference to function, which is easily achieved with a hot flame and a liter of water. Even at boiling, water never approaches the temperature of an open flame. This means the PowerPot can sustain a temperature difference and supply power in any situation where boiling water is possible. To learn more about the PowerPot and thermoelectric technology, check out the official website at thepowerpot.com.

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