Cargo Data’s USB Temperature Reader

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When you own a business that ships perishable items, you’re keen to find out new ways of improving your operations and keeping yourself off of situations that could negatively affect your production. Cargo Data works with thousands of supply chain companies around the world that are looking to advance processes. Its latest product, Quality USB, is a technological breakthrough that aims to provide the most reliable solution for temperature recording.

Being the industry-leader for providing solutions of monitoring cold chains, including perishable food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and floral industries, Cargo Data Corp. is committed to simplifying the procedure of monitoring temperature from storing to distribution. With the new Quality USB, Cargo Data recognizes the power and convenience brought about by USB. It aims to replace the outdated strip chart recorders without sacrificing reliability, flexibility and precision.

“Many useful features are integrated into this very compact digital temperature recorder,” said Roger Niebolt, Sales Manager at Cargo Data Corp. “Quality USB is small enough to place inside a carton and is provided in a food safe moisture-protective pouch to keep it clean and dry. This makes Quality USB the perfect recorder for seafood, produce, caustic, and wet shipments. Quality USB can monitor and record ambient air temperatures for up to 80 days.”

What the Quality USB does is read the temperature of all sorts of perishable items transported by land, air or sea, whether here or abroad. It deviates from the usual transaction and promotes a paperless process that is way more advanced, convenient and accurate. And with a miniUSB cable, users can easily connect the device to their PC or laptop.

With the Quality USB, you can view temperatures without the need to actually connect to a computer. Along with the free KoldLInk software, it allows users to easily view detailed temperature recordings and management reports as well as data archives and data sharing emails from the app. There is also the optional UpLink feature within the KoldLink App which provides data access in a cloud, to be stored on the Cargo Data server. From there, you can conveniently download the charts and have them printed straight from the website to anywhere you are. Shippers can easily monitor their shipment’s temperature even if they are on the other side of the world just by using the unique recorder ID number.

To keep the Quality USB clean and dry, it is placed inside a moisture-protective container in the food box. Not to worry, the device is pretty compact and can be placed in any carton without eating up space. This makes Quality USB the ideal temperature recorder for seafood, produce, caustic, and various other wet shipments.

Cargo Data has made this device available at 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80-day recording periods.

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