Icron USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN Network Extender

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Medium and industrial scale businesses that have waited long enough can now benefit from an innovation that will allow them to extend their USB networks with the introduction of Icron’s 2.0 RG2304-LAN.

A new USB over network extender has just been released by one of the industry leaders in extension technology, Icron Technologies Corporation. Icron is a company that strives to be the industry leader in the development and manufacture of USB and video extensions that are of industrial-grade. The company has already patented a lot of devices that involves extension of video and USB drive hardware all over lots of media formats which include Fiber, Wireless, Cat5, and Display Port. These devices are now essential equipment in the medical, security companies, engineering and aerospace industries.

The new USB network extender has the code USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN and has the ability to maximize switches in video matrix programs as well as manipulating classroom configurations or KVM network extensions. This device manages to increase the productivity of the current network consumers by extending USB 2.0 access over a local area network, or LAN, having the advantage over Cat 5e.

The USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN comes equipped with Icron’s ExtremeUSB suite, which will feature a compatibility option with a slew of operating systems. Another advantage of the USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN over current industry devices is its non-usage of software drivers. This allows the Icron product to be installed via plug-and-play on Mac, Windows, and Linux hardware. The USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN also allows LAN extension up to a speed of 480Mbps and comes with the SwitchableUSB option which allows the applications to properly command outside connections.

“We are very pleased to introduce the first product of Icron’s new, USB over Network extender product family, the RG2304-LAN. TheRG2304-LAN is an ideal solution for industrial and commercial applications wanting to utilize existing network infrastructure to extend USB 2.0 at high speed, up to 480Mbps,” stated Robert Haefling, Icron Technologies President and CEO. “Another unique feature is SwitchableUSB™, which enables the host and peripheral pairings to be controlled by another system, such as a video matrix switch. This affords the flexibility of turning a video matrix switch into a KVM network switch.”

The USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN is also said to be the ultimate answer for industrial-level companies that have the desire to extend their USB 2.0 LAN connections up to 480Mbps. The company claims that it is a good way to manage outside connections with regards to video matrix switching, which in turn leads to the function of converting switches to the KVM network.

Icron has already made the USB 2.0 RG2304-LAN in the market right now. It is highly suggested among medium scale and industrial scale companies who are looking to improve connectivity in their USB network.

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