Transfer Data from Android Phone to PC with Elecom USB

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One of the best things about many Android phones is that they are capable of having extended memory. You can maximize this memory and save as many songs, pictures, videos, and even your valuable documents, as your memory permits. However, when memory runs out, you’re left with no choice but to erase files that are less valuable. Ideally, the solution is to have a backup memory card. But now, there’s a better way to transfer your files from your Android phone to your PC, and vice versa!

Elecom introduces its newest innovation simply called “USB flash drive with adapter for Smartphone/Tablet.”

Weighing only about 2 grams and measuring 18 x 15 x 7mm, the USB memory stick comes with three parts – a microUSB and a USB connector on both sides that allows for easy connection, and the cap. From the outside, it’s merely a stick. But once you pull of the cap, it will reveal a microUSB, and when you pull the other end, you’ll see the regular USB 2.0 connector. This design makes the USB flash drive with adapter really handy for any kind of user.

This great innovation though is restricted to Android users only as it needs to work hand in hand with an app called Elecom Smart Copy, only available in Google Play store. This app controls the things this USB stick can do, and makes it possible for it to transfer data from your phone or tablet to the USB, then to any computer.

I use my phone to find images, read great articles, collect sites I want to read later and shows I want to watch. But so much of that is on the go. Using this device would be perfect for me so I can send all that fun stuff I want to watch on my laptop or desktop computer.

If you may have observed, I never mentioned anything about cables or wires. That’s because the best feature of this is that it is wireless. Unlike all other USB connectors, this device spares you from all the tangles of the usual USB cable. Not only will you enjoy transferring stuff easily, you will be able to do this without the hassle of wires, bulky devices, and other software installations.

The USB Flash Drive with Adapter for Smartphone/Tablet is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP, as well as with Mac OS X.

Get the 8GB USB for $47.70, a 16GB model for $58.30 and the 32GB for $74.20. Unfortunately, Apple, Blackberry and Windows devices are yet to enjoy this USB drive.

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