StarTech USB 3.0 Laptop Video Adapter

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Laptops and ultrabooks offer two things well; those things are their manageable weight and their portability. While these two features become very useful when users are constantly on the move, these very same features often limit the capabilities of laptops and ultrabooks when it comes to peripheral connections. Because of their slim factors, laptops and ultrabooks have a limited number of USB ports, two ports being the standard. Faced with such scarce connectivity options, users often have to prioritize the USB devices they want to plug in to their computer. With’s new USB 3.0 Laptop Video Adapters, users can have the luxury of plugging USB devices up to the original limit into their laptops or ultrabooks while maintaining a multi-monitor setup (an impossibility in a standard laptop/ultrabook setup).’s USB 3.0 Video Adapters make the previously mentioned setup possible through a unique feature. The device is equipped with a USB Pass-through port that’s built to SuperSpeed specifications. A product like this could only come from StarTech, a company known for developing connectivity parts that are difficult to hunt down. Needless to say, StarTech succeeds with this release once again, since it’s the first company to come out with such at thing as a USB 3.0 Laptop Video Adapter. The company has released three model adapters covering the three most widely-used video output ports, HDMI (USB32HDEH), DVI (USB32DVIEH), and VGA (USB32VGAEH). Regardless of the video output port type, StarTech’s video adapters are capable of providing HD external video support and playback capabilities with resolutions reaching up till 1920 x 1200 or 1080 pixels.

The USB 3.0 video adapters are compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections. The device is USB-powered, so there’s no need to get power from any outside source, keeping the number of things to bring along or keep track of to a minimum. The adapters also support three display configurations: mirrored, extended, and primary. As a bonus, the driver software that comes with the video adapters allows for display rotations. Additionally staying true to the possibility of a multi-monitor setup, a maximum of five USB 3.0 Video Adapters can be connected to your laptop or ultrabook at a single time.

The USB 3.0 Video Adapters are available through a number of resellers, including,, and CDW, to name a few. The HDMI adapter costs $99.99; the DVI adapter, $97.99; and the VGA adapter, $93.99.

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