Summer-Themed Custom Flash Drives from PremiumUSB

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Summer-Custom-USB-Flash-DrivesWhen it comes to summer, the images that come to mind are the hot weather, sandy beaches, and all efforts to reach a cooling, refreshing balance. Summer is associated with fun at the beach and some well-needed rest and relaxation. While can’t bring the beach or the cooling sea air directly to you, it can provide fond memories of summer in the form of summer themed custom flash drives. These custom flash drives are bound to be a hit with businesses and customers looking to promote a piece of summer to their target niche.

T-Shirt USB


Suitable for businesses or individual customers dedicated to clothing for summer or other related areas, the Jersey USB flash drive comes in the form of a T-shirt and serves as a unique way to showcase a business brand or personal logo. The custom Jersey USB flash drive from PremiumUSB comes in the form of plastic casing that ensures data longevity and resistance from physical damage. The plastic casing comes in a number of color options, all glossy: black, red, blue, white, and yellow.

Surfboard USB


Dedicated to water lovers and most especially surfers, the Cowabunga custom USB flash drive conjures memories of time spent at the beach, riding waves. The surfboard-shaped flash drive would make a great promotional accessory for businesses with any relation to watersports or surfing. The Cowabunga USB flash drive would not only make a great conversation starter, but also be an ideal background for a logo of any kind.

Summer Bracelet USB


The Traveler Bracelet best exemplifies the on the go feel of the perfect summer. When you’re off to new adventures, it helps to have a USB around that you can use to store memories and take them around with you. What’s so unique about the Traveler USB bracelet is that it’s a wearable USB. Manufactured from soft PVC, PremiumUSB’s custom bracelet USB comes in a variety of eleven color options. That’s more than enough to satisfy the discriminating customer.

As with all custom USB flash drives offered on PremiumUSB, these three summer-themed flash drives come with complementary silkscreen printing. And if you so choose, PremiumUSB also offers free data preloading at a maximum of 2 GB of storage. As a mark of quality manufacturing, the summer themed custom flash drives are guaranteed data retention of up to ten years. The custom USB flash drives also some with limited lifetime warranty.

To get a general idea of how much these custom-shaped USB drives would cost, visit PremiumUSB to get a price quote.

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