Transform a USB Drive Into a Personal Dropbox

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Dropbox USB ConnectorThe idea of cloud storage is alluring precisely because it’s extremely convenient to be able to access all your files using any kind of gadget at any time. Cloud storage serves as the center/base of operations for your files, and all you’d have to do to get access on a particular device is to download a version of the cloud storage provider onto the device and get to syncing. While there are already a lot of cloud storage services out there, there is one caveat that you have to go through to keep enjoying their services. One of the most popular of them, Dropbox, for example, requires you to buy more GBs if you reach their limit or refer other friends to the service if you want those GBs for free. Luckily, there’s a Kickstarter Project called Plug that offers the same service for a one-time fee.

Though Plug works, in essence, just like cloud services like Dropbox, it has enough differences that put it on a category of its own. For one, you only have to pay once to get the storage benefits of Plug. This is extremely convenient for you because you no longer have to monitor the amount of content going into your cloud storage in order to keep from going over the limit. With Plug, it’s also possible to put all your data into the cloud system. While this is possible with standard cloud services, it would also get expensive, seeing that you have to pay up for storage.

Another advantage Plug has going for itself if that you can transfer files faster into cloud storage when you’re at home. The speed can go up to 60 times higher than speeds reached outside of your home. Backup of all your digital data is also possible, and you don’t have to worry about giving up rights to your data, since it is yours and only yours to own.

All this is possible with Plug because it’s a USB dongle device. What it does is connect all your devices to the central hub via an encrypted VPN connection. The device also comes with a couple of software features to help its purpose along. There are apps that can be installed on each device to allow access to the cloud. Software support is widespread with most iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux devices being compatible with the USB dongle.

Having your own private Dropbox-like USB will cost you at least $69 a pledge at Kickstarter. Devices are expected to be released to those who will pledge in December 2013.

Plug Dropbox

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