DIY A Flexible USB Adapter

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Flexible USB adapters have found their way to the market, thanks to the growing number of small and fragile flash drives. Few people would argue against the important role that a flash drive plays in their lives.  These days, where we are constantly moving from one place to another, it is impossible to keep files solely at work or at home. Emailing yourself an important file so you can work on it while on the go is not too practical as it is incredibly tedious, and not possible when large files are involved. Hence, flash drives are a godsend. With a USB drive, you can bring all of your important files with you in a little device that is roughly the size of your thumb.

But these minute devices are also alarmingly fragile.  Unfortunately, their placement on a laptop or desktop really sets it up for breakage (they stick out precariously on laptops and are often exactly at knee-height on a desktop) and once a flash drive breaks, your files get an untimely death, too, and there is nothing you can do to recover them. A great video was produced to show you how to DIY

Before you get depressed or go on a paranoia-fuelled attempt to protect your flash drive from any danger (i.e. wrapping it in bubble wrap or hiring a security guard to apprehend anyone who comes within bumping distance of your flash drive), consider this – there is a way to avoid breaking your flash drive without having to resort to extreme measures.  A great video was created at Megacier. Flexible USB adapters are handy devices which act as an accommodating mediator between your computer and your flash drive. Unlike a flash drive which is often a rigid piece of metal that sticks awkwardly out of your computer, flexible USB adapters can bend so that you can easy tuck your flash drive against your computer or absorb some of the impact if you accidentally knock your USB.

There are different types of flexible USB adapters available based on your preference.  Cable and coiled-style flexible USB adapters are great for desktops as it allows the USB to hang comfortably on the side of your hard drive. Adjustable flexible USB adapters are excellent for laptops because they can be adjusted to fit to the contours of your computer, thereby reducing the chances of your flash drive snapping off and also reducing clutter.

To save yourself from the inevitable heartbreak that comes when you don’t protect your flash drive from the unknown, it’s best to enlist the help of a flexible USB adapter that will undoubtedly make your life easier. 

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