Apple Will Replace USB Chargers

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apple-usb-chargerThe popular brand decided to launch its new USB Power Adapter Takeback Program to eliminate any risks that come from knock-off chargers that have failed to meet the standards of chargers for adequate separation of electrical input and output. In this program, Apple aims to encourage owners of chargers manufactured by other brands to trade in their non-Apple chargers in exchange for original Apple chargers. Although the company admitted that not all third party adapters have safety issues, it still would like to make sure that users of its products have acquired properly designed adapters. Launching the program is the easiest way for them to do so.

Experts have long noted that any device would pose a risk when it is being used while it is still charging. However, they also said that presence of water would be the most important trigger for a dangerous incident to take place. But Apple does not want to take any chances. Apple has decided to replace all USB chargers from different manufacturers with their own official charger for a discounted price of $10. Apple chargers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod usually sell at $19 each.

If you are one of those who own a non-Apple branded charger for your Apple gadgets and you got pretty spooked by the news about the Chinese girl who got electrocuted, then you can bring your unwanted charger to any Apple Retail store or any authorized service starting August 16, 2013 until October 18, 2013. Do not forget to bring as well you iPhone, iPad, or iPod when you trade in your charger for validation.

Although Apple chargers cost more and appear aesthetically boring as compared to the colorful and outrageous designs of other USB chargers, it definitely gives you some peace of mind knowing it is safe for you to use, which of course should be the more important thing.

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